Feeling Down?

July 16, 2012 § 2 Comments

Anas bin Maalik رضي الله عنه said that the Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم used to say:

O Allaah, I seek refuge from worry and grief, from incapacity and laziness, from cowardice and miserliness, from being heavily in debt and from being overpowered by men.

اللهم إني أعوذ بك من الهم والخزن ، والعجز والكسل والبخل والجبن ، وضلع الدين وغلبة الرجال

Allaahumma inni a’oodhu bika min-al hummi wal huzn, wal ‘ajzi wal kasl, wal bukhli wal jubn, wa dhala’id- dayni wa ghalabatir-rijaal.

(Saheeh al Bukhaaree. V8. B75. H380)


§ 2 Responses to Feeling Down?

  • Wakil says:

    assalamu ‘alaikum
    I just wanted to point out that “والبخل والجبن” might have been translated as “miserliness and cowardice”. The order of the words has to be reversed in the translation.
    wassalamu ‘alaikum

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