Hafsah bint Sireen Covered Her Face

December 3, 2012 § 2 Comments

From ‘Aasim al-Ahwal who said: “We used to enter upon Hafsah bint Seereen (a tabi’eeyyah), she would put on her jilbaab like this and covered her face with it. Then we would say to her: May Allaah have mercy on you. Allaah تعالى said:

“And women of post-menstrual age who have no desire for marriage – there is no blame upon them for putting aside their outer garments [but] not displaying adornment.” [Soorah an-Noor (24):60]. 

And what is meant here is the Jilbaab. He (the narrator) said: ‘So she would say to us: ‘What comes after that?’ We would say:

“But to modestly refrain [from that (i.e. not to remove their outer garment)] is better for them.” [Soorah an-Noor (24):60].

Thus, we would say: ‘This (action of hers) is the (real) affirmation of the Jilbaab (covering oneself).‘”

» In al-Imaam al-Bayhaqee’s as-Sunan al-Kubraa, 13534. Declared ‘Saheeh (Authentic)’ by Shaykh al-Albaanee in his Book ‘Jilbaab Mar’atul Muslimah fil Kitaabi was-Sunnah’. The First Edition.

» Read the book here:   http://uqu.edu.sa/lib/ar/99356

عَنْ عَاصِمٍ الْأَحْوَلِ قَالَ: كُنَّا نَدْخُلُ عَلَى حَفْصَةَ بِنْتِ سِيرِينَ، وَقَدْ جَعَلَتِ الْجِلْبَابَ هَكَذَا، وَتَنَقَّبَتْ بِهِ فَنَقُولُ لَهَا رَحِمَكِ اللهُ قَالَ اللهُ تَعَالَى: {وَالْقَوَاعِدُ مِنَ النِّسَاءِ اللَّاتِي لَا يَرْجُونَ نِكَاحًا فَلَيْسَ عَلَيْهِنَّ جُنَاحٌ أَنْ يَضَعْنَ ثِيَابَهُنَّ غَيْرَ مُتَبَرِّجَاتٍ بِزِينَةٍ} [النور: 60] هُوَ الْجِلْبَابُ قَالَ فَتَقُولُ لَنَا: أِيُّ شَيْءٍ بَعْدَ ذَلِكَ؟ فَنَقُولُ: {وَأَنْ يَسْتَعْفِفْنَ خَيْرٌ لَهُنَّ} [النور: 60] فَتَقُولُ: ” هُوَ إِثْبَاتُ الْجِلْبَابِ “

[الإمام البيهقي في السنن الكبرى ,13534]


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