Uprightness Of A Woman

February 14, 2013 § 1 Comment

Shaykh ‘AbdurRazzaaq al-‘Abbaad: Indeed, the foundation of uprightness in the woman is her uprightness with her Lord, with worshipping her Lord in a good manner, and her seeking nearness to her Lord and her conditioning herself to worship Allaah. For indeed, this correction and uprightness; this is the secret to her happiness and the secret to her success…

[Expert from the tape entitled: Sifaat az-Zawjah as-Saalihah]

الشيخ عبد الرزاق البدر: أساس الصلاح في المرأة صلاحها مع ربها، بحسن طاعته، وحسن التقرب إليه، والمواظبة على عبادته، فإن هذا الصلاح وتلك الاستقامة هي سر سعادتها، وسر فلاحها…

[صفات الزوجة الصالحة]

» Arabic Audio: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQMgqhGmmUc
» Arabic Text: http://madrasato-mohammed.com/ar_sifat_azawjah_aasalihah.pdf
» English Audio: http://audio-islam.com/2012/08/31/the-righteous-wife-shaik-abdulrazzaq-al-abaad-mustafa-george-mp3en/
» English Text: http://www.troid.ca/store/product.php?productid=18804


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