An Example of Great Wisdom in Teaching

December 11, 2014 § Leave a comment

Shaykh Muhammad Ramzaan al-Haijree: Wiping over the leather socks (khuffayn) is the Sunnah. This is in refutation to the action of the Rawaafidh who merely wipe on the feet. And two days ago, I was in the masjid making wudhoo and next to me was a man and he just wiped the feet (without socks on). This was the first time I saw a Raafidhi make wudhoo next to me. I said, “What are you doing? Wash your feet. If you do not make complete wudhoo’ then your salaah is not valid.” The person said, “The madhaahib (schools of thought) differ over this issue.” I said, “How many Prophets do we have?” He responded, “One, the Prophet Muhammad (salAllaahu alayhi wasallam). I (Shaykh Ramzaan) said, “So wash your feet because the Prophet alayhi salatu was-salaam washed his feet.” And the man became silent.

[Explanation of Sharhus-Sunnah, Audio #18.]


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